Do You Have a Slipped Disc in St Paul MN?

Do You Have a Slipped Disc?

Do You Have a Slipped Disc in St Paul MN?

Most of us have heard the term "Slipped Disc" before, but do your spinal discs actually slip? The answer to that is no. Your discs are attached very strongly to the bones above and below them so it's not possible for them to slip.

It is, however, possible for a disc to bulge or herniates. Abnormal stress on a disc can cause the fibers in the disc to break down. As the disc weakens it can bulge or herniate.

A bulged or herniated disc can lead to anything from minor symptoms to life-threatening consequences. In many cases, herniated discs occur in the lower lumber spine. A herniated disc in that area can often lead to low back pain or pain shooting down one or both legs.

As a disc bulges or herniates it often leads to swelling that can put pressure on nerve roots or even the spinal cord itself. That kind of pressure can lead to intense pain, possible organ dysfunction, or even loss of motor function.

The Common Path

Most people with back pain do nothing. They hope the pain will go away, and it often does, but in most cases the underlying issue is still there. The pain comes and goes, but the underlying cause continues to get worse.

When the pain is bad enough it motivates people to take action. In the case of a bulged or herniated disc most people end up in the emergency room with a prescription for pain medication. In severe circumstances, it can even lead to back surgery.

A Second Option

Before ending up on a regimen of pain medication or back surgery it's a great idea to speak with a chiropractor. It's very common for a chiropractor to find that the damaged disc is compensation for another problem below it.

Whatever the cause, a chiropractor is one of the best options to help you find long-term success. If you or someone you know is suffering from a disc problem, please give our team at Pure Health Chiropractic a call.

Spinal Restoration Therapy (SRT)

Dr. Mancini's innovative four-phase program incorporates these passive and active care treatment methods: state-of-the-art low-force chiropractic techniques, low-level laser therapy, traction and decompression, and MedX spinal strengthening equipment.

The Four Phases Of The SRT Program Area

  • Phase 1 - Acute & Chronic Pain Relief
  • Phase 2 - Stabilization & Function
  • Phase 3 - Re-education & Reform
  • Phase 4 - Re-strengthen & Relive

You and your body will learn to live pain-free.

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