Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have been a patient of Dr. Mancini for just a few weeks now, and I am not sure how I made it through the past four years without him! As the 22-year-old daughter of two traditional doctors, I was skeptical of chiropractic. I thought there was some degree of hocus pocus to it all, and I was nervous but getting desperate.

Every chiropractor I have met has been some outrageous flavor of crazy, like the one next door to my office who is like a used car salesman in every way possible. Thanks, but no thanks, doc. I found Benessere and Dr. Mancini on Yelp and decided to give it a shot.

For the last four years, aka my entire adult life, I have had chronic neck and low back pain and sporadic debilitating low back spasms. All I wanted was to feel my age. After numerous trips to physicians, urgent care, and even the ER for my back, no one was working with me to solve the problem. Doctors would throw some pain meds in my lap, tell me to stretch before and after exercising and send me limping out the door to get on to the next patient.

I trusted them, as experts, and just soldiered on until the next flare-up that would keep me bedridden for four days. Repeat. Until Dr. Mancini, no one listened to me. No one asked me relevant questions, no one honored my multiple requests for x-rays. No one thought that someone my age could possibly have chronic neck and back pain without a specific severe injury.

At my first visit, Dr. Mancini asked me all of the right questions. Better yet? He listened to my responses. We did a range of motion tests, and he asked very specific questions about the pain and other sensations I was experiencing in my neck, back, and legs. He told me what he thought was going on, and we began treatment for acute spinal injury in my lower back.

After a couple of treatments (each one better than the last), he referred me to an imaging center for a full spine x-ray. He was right on the money with his diagnosis, but the x-ray additionally showed scoliosis and a reverse curve in my neck (ow.) That explains a lot.

After being doubted for so long by other healthcare professionals, I just about cried (tears of joy!) at the validation of my suspicions. My intuition was right. Something was wrong, and Dr. Mancini got to the core of the problem within the first visit or two.

I am blown away by his accuracy, his professionalism, and his calm and hopeful demeanor. I’ve started an intense rehabilitation type program with him and after just a couple weeks, I’m noticing major progress. This guy is good, ladies and gentlemen. I highly recommend his work.

Side note: the entire office staff are just a joy. Fun, friendly, and great at what they do!"

- Sarah G.

"Spending hours and hours hunched over paper and my computer, I’ve developed chronic low back pain. Last spring, it got to the point that I could barely focus because the pain was so intense and I had a hard time even standing up straight.

Dr. Mancini has made a world of difference. Not only does he provide great adjustments, he asks questions that get to the core of the issue. And best of all, he provides holistic suggestions and recommendations to improve not only my back pain but my general well being.

Working with a team of massage and physical therapists, he is able to get to the root of the issue and create a comprehensive treatment plan. And he is funny and sarcastic - making appointments not just therapeutic, but fun.

He is upfront with cost and doesn’t use any uncomfortable high-pressure sales tactics. And there no expensive x-rays that seem standard with every other chiropractor!

His work has changed my quality of life dramatically and I enthusiastically recommend him to everyone I know."

- Betsy K.

"Great people, awesome parking, beautiful location, and professional service. These people really know their stuff. I see Dr. Mancini and he is fantastic. Prior to this, I have seen 3 other chiropractors, but none with the vision of wellness that Dr. Mancini has for his patients.

He has a background as a personal trainer as well as a chiropractor, so instead of just fixing you up and there ya go, he really seeks to see his patients grow to their maximum potential and become strong and well so these problems do not crop up again.

I went from being unable to look over my shoulder to having full range of motion in my neck after a few adjustments. He realigned my cervical spine to the point where my chronic sinus congestion is a thing of the past. I really had no idea how much of your body can be affected by one’s back being out of whack, but now I feel much, much better.

I also like that he’s not keeping me on a treadmill of endless visits, but tapers down the visits as my wellness progresses."

- Quynh N.

“After a car accident, a person has more than enough to be concerned about, especially their health. I saw the dedication in their eyes to cure my daily headaches, I heard the compassion in their voice when they took the time to answer all my questions and explain the treatment they fashioned just for me, and I felt hope when the severity of my headaches lessen after each appointment.

My treatment was also well rounded from instituting a particular bed pillow that helped my neck pain to teaching me exercises that I could do at home to maximize the benefit of an appointment and to keep me on the road to recovery after my time with Pure Health Chiropractic.

My car accident was one of the worst events in my life, but going to Pure Health Chiropractic proved to be one of the best decisions I ever made, for my body and mind.”

- Amy B.


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